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Digital Literacy for everyone

I founded a project Digi-Lit, an initiative to spread digital literacy in the rural area residents around the city of Chennai. An exponential rise in digital transactions in the country is leading to an equivalent rise in digital frauds as well. By some estimates, as many as 62% of these frauds involve residents of rural areas who are not as digitally literate as their urban counterparts. Through this initiative which ran over 6 months, as many as 550 rural residents were given basic tips to remain digitally secure. The sessions included an overview and best practices related to the most common online frauds related to OTP, Passwords, Personal identity theft, Fake Prize scams, use of Digi Locker, etc.

Employees at a local vegetable vendor showed remarkable interest in the digital literacy tips and tricks.

Another digital literacy session at a local saloon

Digi-Lit flyer containing visual lessons on 5 security tips

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